Goldhofer SPMT

Self propelled transporter

Supro Trailer produce Self propelled transporter such as Self propelled modular trailer and Shipyard transporter. The loading capacity of Supro self propelled transporter, it could load from 100 tons to 1000 tons cargo. And also the dimension of the transporter is customized. 

Self propelled modular transporter

Supro Trailer produce the Self propelled modular trailer copy from Goldhofer SPMT, Scheuerle SPMT, Nicolas SPMT etc. About the steering mode of the Self propelled modular trailer, we have 4 modes, and them could be independent steering and linkage steering. 
For the power pack of the SPMT, Supro Trailer provide diesel engine and electric engine to be option. 

Drawing of Goldhofer SPMT ( Supro Copy)

Goldhofer SPMT Drawing

Specication sheet of the Goldhofer SPMT

1.1 Payload at 5 km/h----------------------------approx. 240,000 kg

1.2 Dead weight of transporters----------------approx. 27,000 kg

1.3 Gross weight of transporter-----------------approx. 267,000 kg

1.4 Axle Line----------------------------------------6

1.5 Wheel bogies per axle line-------------------2

1.6 Number of wheel bogies---------------------12

1.7 Wheel bogie load 5 km/h--------------------approx. 6x 45,000 kg

1.8 Driving Wheel Bogies------------------------2

1.9 Brake Wheel Bogies--------------------------8

1.10 Tires-------------------------------------------48x 235/75-R17.5

1.11 Max. Traction per bogie--------------------80kN

1.12 Gradient Ability fully loaded ----------------8%

1.13 Max. speed fully loaded---------------------Approx. 5 km/h

1.14 Max. speed unloaded------------------------approx. 10 km/h

1.15 Platform height lowest-----------------------1.000mm

1.16 Platform height in driving condition--------1.300 mm

1.17 Axle load compensation----------------------± 300mm

1.18 Wheel bogie distance-------------------------1,600 mm

1.19 Wheel bogie track-----------------------------2,200 mm

1.20 Platform width---------------------------------3,600 mm

1.21 Platform length--------------------------------9,600 mm

Photos of the Goldhofer SPMT

Goldhofer SPMT

Goldhofer SPMT China