Tow Bar for Goldhofer Trailer

Accessories of Goldhofer Hydraulic Modular Trailer

Supro Trailer is a famous manufacturer of hydraulic modular trailer in the world. We are not only produce the hydraulic modular trailer to combine with Goldhofer, Nicolas, Scheuerle, Cometto. But also we are able to prodce some accessories for your hydraulic modular trailer. Such as Goldhofer hydraulic gooseneck, Goldhofer spacer, Goldhofer turntable, Goldhofer control panel etc. 

Tooling for the Goldhofer trailer

In oder to make the transporter to meet various oversize cargo, and extend the functions of the hydraulic modular trailer. Supro Trailer produce Spacer for long cargo. Turntable for gird bridge. Drop deck bed for small transformer etc. 

Tow bar of Goldhofer trailer

For the 3 files or 4 files hydraulic modular trailer, we can not use the hydraulic gooseneck to combine with the truck. So, we have to use the tow bar to take replace of the hydraulic gooseneck. Also, for some heavy transport such as 500 tons Grider bridge trailer, we have to use a tow bar to pull the vehicle in the rear to increase the transport force. 
And also the price of the tow bar is more cheaper than hydraulic gooseneck. 
Supro Trailer also produce steering head for 3 and 4 files hydraulic modular trailer
goldhofer tow bar

goldhofer steering head

goldhofer steering head

goldhofer tow bar with steering head

Goldhofer hydraulic modular trailer