Learn about Nicolas MDE and Nicolas MDED

Supro- Nicolas Hydraulic modular trailer

Supro Trailer produce hydraulic modular trailer to combine with the Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer. Not only make the combination, but also we enforce the structure of the Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer. 
1. Supro enforce the height of the beam of the hydraulic modular trailer to make it be more stronger! 
2. Supro Trailer make more one files of the combination files of the trailer structure. 
3. Supro improve the strength of the hydraulic suspension by casting technology. 
4. Supro use high strength steel for the structure building. 
The cost perfomance of Supro - Nicolas structure hydraulic modular trailer is much worthy than the France Nicoals hydraulic modular trailer. 

Learn about Nicolas MDED and MDE

The specification of the Nicolas MDED and MDE has no different, but only the structure style is different. Supro produce the first set of hydraulic modular trailer in 1971 year, and then China has own brand of the hydraulic modular trailer. 
The first set of the hydraulic modular trailer copied from Nicolas MDE. 
After some years developing, Supro Trailer make the structure be sealed, and combine with Nicolas MDED. 
Please check the Production information of Nicolas trailer to learn about the Specification. 

Photos of Nicolas MDE

Nicolas MDE modular trailer

Nicolas MDE hydraulic modular trailer

Nioclas MDE for sale

Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer system

Photos of Nicolas MDED

Nicolas MDED

Nicolas hydraulic gooseneck

Nicolas Control pannel

Nicolas MDED hydraulic system

Nicolas hydraulic steering system

Nicolas combination system

Nicolas MDED hydraulic modular trailer

Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer for sale