Supro Trailer take care of our clients, and set our clients` heart on free during the whole cooperation process.

Before sales:

  • Supro provides free technology consulting, we help our clients to make clear important points of the projection transport, and explain our design of the transporter, then make the most suitable transporter scheme.
  • Double wins is the priority target of Supro Trailer, Supro NEVER only try to win the order, but ingore the quality and the feasability of the transporter.

During manufacturing:

  • Supro Trailer proposals a detail manufacuturing scheme to our clients, to let them be clear on our plan and the process. Then Supro update photos to clients weekly, so our clients can be clear on process and producing technology.
  • If has some thing need to be modified during the manufacturing process, Supro must get the permession from our clients, and explian detail reasons on the modification. Never try to hide something, and cut corners of the manufacturing.
  • Supro inspection team control the manufacturing process strictly to gurantee good quality! Check the grade of the steel material, the thickness of the raw material. Use our “Pressure machine” to check quality of hydraulic parts and conector. Check the welding of the transporter frame.

Delivery of the Shipment:

  • Supro Trailer do the full movemnents commissioning before delivery. Basic movements, travelling forward and backward. Fulling loading and Max. height checking the stablity. Check the control panel play whether works. Electric system whether works. Whether has oil leakage problem under full loading. Find solutions, and solve the solutions!
  • Supro wax the transporter, and use the best water-proof coat to cover the transporter to avoid rusting problem.
  • Supro established a prefessional team to deal with the customs business, to avoid some unprofessional operation may case unneccessary lost.

Quality guarantee:

  • Supro provide one year guarantee of the transporter.
  • Supro provide free technology consulting for whole using life.