Supro Trailer- News- Sohar Launches Online Route Planner

Sohar Port and Freezone have launched an online route planner providing information on available connections to inland destinations.
Sohar Navigate is the first platform of its kind in the Middle East, the port said, and will include shipping schedules that connect to 550 ports around the world.
The system provides users with a choice of routes between the starting point and the final destination and includes analysis tools, as well as a professional directory and information on the carbon footprint of any container transport.
Mark Geilenkirchen, CEO of Sohar Port and Freezone, said: "The Navigate platform was initially launched by our partner, the Port of Rotterdam.
"Taking advantage of this technology, we have modified Sohar Navigate to adapt it to our regional and international stakeholders and provide them with extension services, as well as an easy-to-use way to locate the most efficient and optimal routes for their activities. ", he added.
Anacin Kum, CEO of Hutchison Ports Sohar, said the tool was developed specifically for companies looking for smarter ways to plan their container transports.
"With the addition of more operational data, Sohar Navigate will become an increasingly valuable resource for improving the efficiency of the supply chain," said Kum. "It will also provide visible and practical options for groups of local importers and exporters, who typically depend on logistic service providers."