Windmill Transporter

Supro Trailer manufactures transporters for Windmill turbine blade, Windmill tower and Windmill nacelle transportation. We are the most professional manufacturer of the windmill transporters in the world. Whatever the simple structure transporter, or the most advanced transporters in the world, Supro Trailer is able to provide high and stable quality transporters to wide world market! 
Windmill Blade Transporter
    ●Supro Trailer produces Extendable trailer for Windmill blade transport. The Max. length of the trailer can reach 62m length. About the Wind blade adapter, Supro has 3 generations strucure. "STBA-L-10", "STBA-M-20" and "STBA-H-30". 
Windmill Tower Transporter
    ●Supro Trailer produces Special extendable low bed trailer and Windmill tower adapter for the transportation. Supro produced 5 generations transporter for the wind tower transport.  "STLT-M", "STLT-H", "STLT-L","STA-N" and "STA-G". 
Supro Trailer provide high quality transporter for Windmill transporation by good price! That we solve your worries on Chinese suppliers and save your money from European transporter market! 

1. Extendable Trailer for Windmill blade 

Photo of the Extendable trailer
Wind blade extendable trailer

Windmill blade Extendable trailer

Supro Trailer made the longest Extendable trailer which can reach 62m length. We are the unique factory in China that can make the middle 3 telescoping beams that do not need rear another telescoping beam. Supro Trailer send our engineer to overseas market to learn the technolgoy from the Goldhofer. 
Photo of the 3 middle telescoping beam Extendable trailer
Windmill blade extendable trailer 

Drawing of the 3 middle telescoping beam 
Windmill blade extendable trailer
Extendable trailer with rear telesocping beam
Extendable windmill blade trailer
The extendable trailer uses Mechanicial suspension and Air suspension be option. The mechanical suspension can bear overload, and the air suspension is not able to do the overload. But the air suspension has very good ability on cargo balance, and also the height is adjustable. 
Video of the Air suspension operation
Supor Trailer has 3 steering modes be option. One is Remote control steering mode, one is Manual operation steering mode, and last one is Automatic steering mode. The automatic steering mode only works under closed length.
Automatic steering mode

Remote Controller Steering

Supro Trailer is the most professional manufacturer on Long length extendable trailer in the world. And produced over 500 sets of Extendable trailer to the whole world market. And we are your wise decision to make the cooperation! 

Windmill Blade Adapter

Supro Trailer is the first manufacturer to prodce the Windmill blade adapter, and the product already have 3 generations of the technology. "STBA-L-10", "STBA-M-20" and "STBA-H-30".  So the Supro adapter is the most advanced technology in China, and our abundant experience can gaurantee the quality and design of the adapter! 
Video of the Windmill blade dapter
The transporter with the adapter, Supro use Customized low bed trailer and 3.4m width Hydraulic modular trailer.
    ●Supro enforce the structure of the low bed trailer, it can load the dead weight of the whole transporter + blade weight + balance cargo. The platform of the trailer is customized to load sands or stones to be used as balance weight. 
    Normally, Supro use Nicolas structure hydraulic modular trailer to combine with the adapter. And the 3.4m width can improve the safety factor of the transporter. The Spacer with the hydraulic modular trailer is also customized to load sands and stones to be used as balance weight. 
Low bed trailer with the adapter
low bed trailer windmill blade adapter

Hydraulic modular trailer with the adapter
hydraulic modular trailer with windmill blade adapter

This is the first generation of the Supro windmill blade adapter, we use two cylinders in the right and left sides to do the lifting function. 
windmill blade adapter
This generation use the cylinders to pull the adapter to do the lifting functions. The security factor is better than the last generation "STBA-L-10".  
windmill blade adapter
Supro windmill blade adapter

This is the newest generation of the adapter which designed and manufactured by Supro Trailer. The width of the combined low bed trailer is adjustable, so it has much good safety factor and also can meet very small turning radius. 
The adapter has cylinders to adjust the position between the adapter and the low bed trailer which used "Lever Principle", which can adjust the blade position to adjust the balance weight. 
The adapter also has visualization screen to check the situation of the whole transporter. 
windmill blade adapter

Wind Tower Transporter

STLT-M is the first generation, Supro designed simple tanker structure low bed trailer to do the windmill tower transport. The disadvantage is that, the trailer wear the Tyres badly, and the passing ability is not good. The length of the trailer is stretchable. 

Extendable windmill tower low bed trailer

Windmill tower extendable trailer

STLT-H is the advanced structure against on STLT-M. The trailer use hydraulic suspension to solve the Tyre wear problem, and the hydraulic suspension improved the passing ability. Also the width of the transporter is adjustable to meet various diameter towers. 
Windmill tower hydraulic suspension trailer
STLT-L is designed for light tower transportation. The structure is simple, and the cost is cheap. The adapter can load below 36 tons tower.The adapter combined with normal flated trailer.  
windmill tower low bed trailer adapter
STA-N is the adapter combined with Hydraulic modular trailer. The loading capacity of the STA-N is much bigger than STLT-L, but it has no lifting cylinders. And it is only lifted by the Hydraulic modular trailer. So the cost is not expensive. 
Windmill tower adapter

STA-G is the adapter which has lifting cylinders by itself. And also it has a steering bearing to make big turing radius. This is the most advanced structure in the world. 
windmill tower adapter