Wind Industry Trailers

1. Windmill Blade Trailers
2. Windmill Tower Sectioin Adapter
3. Windmill Nacelle Modular Trailer

The windmill power station mainly has three sections, "Windmill blade", "Windmill tower" and "Windmill nacelle". For the different sections, Supro Trailer manufacture various  "Wind Industry Trailers" to help your transportation projection! 

1. Windmill Blade Trailers. 

wind blade trailer
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the Extendable trailer between Rotor adapter trailer.                
                a. The price of the Extendable trailer is better, and the price of the adapter is very expensive. Also the you can use the extendable trailer as flatbed low bed trailer once at the closed length. And you only can use the Rotor adapter trailer to transport the windmill blades. 
                b. You can use one Extendable trailer to meet all length of the wind blades. But the Rotor adapter only can transport the matched wind blades (We would explain it by below worlds. )
                c.  You can use the Extendable trailer directly, but you have to use the Rotor adpter combine with heavy low bed trailer or hydraulic modular trailer. 
                d. The Extendable trailer need a very big turning radius, and the Rotor adpter need a very small turning radius. And also you could use control valves to rotate the wind blades to adapt some difficult road situations. Especially the small turning radius mountrain roads. 

1.1 Extendable Trailer

1.1.1 Structure of the Extendable trailer

The Extendable trailer could extend the length from 20m to 60m by 3 telescoping beams. Also, it could be designed as your special demands. Such as the middle Asia do not allow the rear axle platfrom has a telescoping beam as the below draft shows. 
Windmill blade trailer

1.1.2 Suspension. 

The Extendable trailer suspension has spring leaf suspension and air suspension. Also, the air suspension has manual hand lifting functions to adjust the height of the trailer. 

1.1.3 Steering Ways

The Extendable trailer has three ways for the steering. One is by manual operation, one is by remote control steering and another one is by automatic hydraulic steering. For the hydraulic steering, it only adapt to the short length of the trailer. When the trailer extend to a long distance, the rear axle could not be synchronous with the truck by the hydraulic steering. 

Automatic Hydraulic Steering 

Manual Hand Steering 

1.2 Windmill Blade Adapter

  • The rotation carrier is for windmill turbine blade transportation. It is combined with low bed trailer or hydraulic modular trailer to be whole set of vehicle. The advantage of the rotation carrier trailer is that the length of the trailer is too short, so it need small turning radius. 
  • The carrier is rotatory. The raise angle of the blade is 0-55°,and the rotation carrier angle is 0-360°. So it can meet many complicated road conditions, and small turning angle roads such as mountain roads, woods, electric wires, house, waves etc. 
  • The carrier is fixed on the trailer axle platform. It is consisted of flange plate, lifting cylinders, diesel power station, manual handle operation etc. The wind blade is fixed on flange plate, and through the engine power, lifting cylinder and slewing bearing to raise and rotate the wind blade.  
windmill blade adapter

1.2.2 Turntable of the Adapter

The turntable of the adapter combine with the wind blade holder to transport various specification wind blades. 
windmill blade adapter

1.2.3 Windmill Blade Holder

  • The holder has two sides, and each side has some circles of holes. One circle match with one specification blade. 
  • We can make two sides of the holder has the holes circles, so one holder could meet 7 speficiation wind blades transportation together. 
windmill blade adapter-holder

1.2.4 Windmill Adapter Video

2. Wind Tower Section Trailers. 

Supro Trailer has two kinds of the trailers to transport the wind tower section. One is Extendable low bed trailer, and another one is the wind tower holder

2.1 The Extendable low bed trailer. 

The extendable low bed trailer not only for the windmill tower section, but also can meet other heavy tank cargo! 
Wind tower section trailer
Extendable low bed trailer


2.2 Windmill Blade Adapter. 

The windmill blade holder combine with your hydraulic modular trailer.
Wind tower sectioin holder-trailer
Wind tower section trailer

Supro design an adapter to combine with normal flatbed trailer. And the cost of the whole trailer is more cheaper than Hydraulic modular trailer- Windmill tower adapter. 

windmill tower transporter

windmill tower trailer

3. Windmill Nacelle Modular Trailer

We suggest to use a Spacer to comebine with your Hydraulic modular trailer to transport the nacelle. 
Windmill nacelle trailer