Goldhofer Modular Trailer Frame

Supro Hydraulic Modular Trailer 

Supro Modular trailer could combine with Goldhofer modular trailer, Nicolas modular trailer, Scheuerle modular trailer etc. 

Goldhofer THP/SL 

Supro THP/SL could combine with "Goldhofer THP/SL" and "Goldhofer THP/H". The structure of the Supro THP/SL is same as Goldhofer THP/SL, and the structure combination size are exactly same as Goldhofer THP/SL. And also, Supro Trailer use overseas hydraulic parts of the modular trailer to make the good quality hydraulic modular trailer! 

Goldhofer Accessories

Supro trailer provide "Hydraulic Suspension", "Drop deck bed", "Spacer", " Power pack" , "Turntable" for the Goldhofer hydraulic modular trailer but also for the Nicolas modular trailer. 
For the detail information of the " Supro THP/SL" , please vist the production information of it. 
goldhofer trailer frame

goldhofer modular trailer

hydraulic modular trailer frame

modular trailer frame for sale

hydraulic modular trailer frame for sale