Normal Semi Trailer

Supro Trailer has a modern workshops for normal semi trailers. We have automatic Cuting, Welding, Sand blasting, Clear and Paiting technology to guarantee the high standard of the semi trailers. 

Welding effect picture

china low bed trailer factory

1. Flabted trailer (Container trailer)

Has 2 or 3 axles, and can load 40ft container or 2*20ft containers. Also could extend the length to be longer flatbed trailer. 
flatbed container trailer

2. Skeleton Container trailer

Has 2 or 3 axles, and can load 40 container or 2*20ft container trailer. Also it could be custmized as "Sider Loader Container Trailer" and "Tipper Container Trailer"
40ft skeleton container trailer

3. Multi axle trailer

The trailer is for heavy cargo. And also we have another design that could make the rear axle line is detachable
6 lines drop deck trailer

4. Drop deck trailer

The structure is middle drop deck, and it is for heavy construction machinery usually. 

5. Flatbed low bed trailer

The trailer platform is flatbed. And it could be customized as your special demands. 
flatbed low bed trailer

6. Flatbed bed trailer

flatbed low bed trailer

7. Widen plate low bed trailer

The trailer has two pieces of widen plate on the lift and right sides. So the width usually is 0.25m+2.5m+0.25m. 
low bed trailer

8. Drop side trailer

This drop side trailer is custmized on the low bed trailer. And the side walls are detachable, so it also could be used as low bed trailer to transport heavy machinery. 
drop side trailer

9. Full Trailer

The full trailer has no gooseneck. The dimension could be custmized. And also the full trailer could be custmized as Tipper trailer and Van trailer. 
china full trailer factory

11. Vehicle transport trailer

Please confirm the vehicle dimension, and how many sets of the vehicle you are going to transport. 
car trailer

12. Van trailer. 

Please confirm what kind of cargo you are going to transport, and the height of the side walls. 
van trailer

13. Stake trailer

Please confirm what kind of cargo you are going to transport, and the height of the side walls. 
stake low bed trailer

14. Tipper trailer. 

The tipper trailer has two types. One is rear dump trailer, and another one is side tipper trailer. If the trailer length over 11m, so we suggest the side tipper trailer cause the safty factor is more higher. 
Before we quote the price for you, we should know the loading capacity and volume of the trailer. 

14.1. Rear tipper trailer

rear dump trailer

14.2 Side tipper trailer

side tipper trailer

15. Oil tank trailer

oil tank trailer

FAQ of the quotation. 
1. Please confirm what kind of trailer do you need. And what`s the cargo you are going to transport?
2. How many sets do you want? 
3. How much the loading length? 
4. How much the width and height? 
5. Do you have limited loading capacity of per axle and per tyre?
6. Do you need ABS?
7. About the suspension, we have spring leaf suspension, and air suspension. Which one do you need? 
8. About the rear ladder, we have spring ladder and hydraulic ladder. Which one do you need?