Shipyard Transporter

1. Features of Supro Shipyard Transporter

Supro Trailer has been manufacturing the Heavy transporters since 1951 year, and we are the leader of the Hydraulic system transporter in the world. So we have mature technology on Shipyard Transporter. 
Supro Trailer produced the Shipyard transporter agaisnt on the clients` special demands such as Loading capacity, Width, Length of the shipyard transporter, all of them are welcome to customize.
Supro designed 2 specifications of the hydraulic suspension, one is 16 tons capacity hydraulic suspension and another one is 32 tons capacity hydraulic suspension. This technology is able to meet the suspension amounts demands. 
Supro Trailer manufactured the Shipyard to Russian market which require the transporter can work under -40℃. It required very high standards of the transporter structure and hydraulic accessories. That says Supro shipyard transporter already on the top of the world heavy transporter manufacturing
Supro shipyard transporter working in Russia
shipyard transporter for sale
Supro Trailer has two structure of the Shipyard transporter. One is Driver mode Shipyard Transporter, and another one is Driverless Shipyard transporter. We are the first factory in China that manufactured the Driverless Shipyard transporter, it is a very wise decision to cooperate with Supro Trailer on Shipyard Transporter! 
Driver mode Shipyard Transporter
Driver shipyard transporter

Driverless Shipyard transporter
Driverless shipyard transporter

2. Videos of the Shipyard transporter commissioning

2.1 Video of the Driver shipyard transporter

2.2 Video of the Driverless shipyard transporter



3.Specifications of the Supro Shipyard Transporter

Supro Shipyard transporter has 11 steering modes to meet various transport demands. We are the best one on the Shipyard transporter steering design. 
Shipyard transporter steering modes

Specification sheet of the Supro shipyard transporter. 
Shipyard transporter specification sheet

4. Used Shipyard Transporter for sale

Supro Trailer has some clients are selling their used shipyard transporters, we welcome your inquiry. 
used shipyard transporter for sale

used shipyard transporter for sale

used shipyard transporter for sale

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