Special Semi Trailer

1.1 Muti axle drop deck trailer

The trailer is adapt to heavy cargo transport, or some place who has limited loading capacity of per axle and tyre. 
multi axle low bed trailer

2. Extendable Container Trailer

The extendable container trailer could extend the length from 40 feet to 45 feet. And also, we have Tipper container trailer
Extendable container trailer

3. Extendable low bed trailer

The low bed trailer could extend the length from 15m-20m, even more bigger length. 

extendable low bed trailer

4. Multi axle flatbed trailer

The multi axle low bed trailer has lifting functions and steering functions. The trailer has 6 axles, and you could customize the rear 2 axles is lifting, so you can change the axle numbers as you want. Also, you could custmize the from 2 axle has automatic steering function, so that you could reduce the steering radius. 
multi axle low bed trailer
6 axles low bed trailer

5. Train Coach trailer

The gooseneck is folded, and it could land on the ground. And also, the trailer platform has two rails, so the train coach could run on the low bed trailer. 
train coach trailer

6. Folded gooseneck trailer

The gooseneck is folded, and touch the ground. So your machinery could run on the trailer platform through the gooseneck. 

folded gooseneck trailer

7. Detchable gooseneck trailer

The gooseneck is detachable form the rear trailer, and your machinery could run on the cargo platform directly. 
detchable gooseneck trailer

8. Dolly low bed trailer

When tolly trailer could help your fifth round to share the weight of the cargo! 
tolly low bed trailer

9. Tolly and Gird bridge trailer

The tolly and gird bridge trailer has steering and lifting functions. It is similar with Gird bridge, but this trailer price is more better! 
gird bridge

10. Turntable flatbed trailer

The turntable flatbed trailer is for long and stronger structure cargo such as heavy long steel pipes and Bridge girder. 
turntable flatbed low bed trailer

11. Extendable low bed trailer for tank cargo. 

The trailer is extendable, and it is for some heavy tank cargo. 
extendable low bed trailer

12. Hydraulic suspension-heavy tank trailer

The trailer has hydraulic suspension to keep the balance of the trailer and then it could protect the cargo safty and trailer tyre when meet the bomp road conditions. 
hydraulic heavy tank trailer