Girder bridge trailer

The Gird bridge trailer should combine with Hydraulic modular trailer, such as Goldhfoer trailer, Nicolas modular trailer, Scheuerle trailer etc. The loading capacity of the Gird bridge since100 tons to 500 tons, even more heavier cargo!  

1. 300 tons smaller Gird bridge. 

When clients do not have Hydraulic modular trailer. And they are going to buy the Gird bridge with hydraulic modular trailer, but the cost is much more than their budget. We recommend this smaller Gird bridge trailer for the transportation. 
gird bridge trailer

2. 500 tons Gird bridge

  • The loading capacity since 100 tons to 500 tons. And our safety factor is 2.0 to guarantee the maximum loading capacity. 
  • Our hang beam is adjuatable by the length and width to adapt to your cargo size. 
  • The gird bridge mainly consist of two lifting cylinders (Front and Rear), Loading beams, Side beams and Hang beams. 
  • In the rear platform, the gird bridge has four steering cylinders. 
Gird bridge trailer
Gird bridge trailer

2.1 Woking videos of the Gird bridge

2.2 Font lifting clinder and operation platform

Two sides of the gird bridge has two weight sharing beams, and lifting cylinders. In the front of the gird bridge, it also have a operation platform. 

500 tons Gird bridge

2.3 Width adjustable cylinders. 

Between the two pieces loading bems, it has some width cylinders to adjust the gird bridge length. Also, you can custom the range of adjustable width. 
400 tons gird bridge

2.4 Loading beams and Side beams

The Gird bridge has loading beams and side beams. Also, the loading beams could be break up to 2 or 3 parts. So, you could make your gird bridge be longer or shorter. 
500 tons Gird bridge

2.5 Hang beams

Hang beams is carrying the heavy cargo. 
transformer gird bridge

2.6 Rear steering cylinders

The rear steering cylinder has one lifting cylinder and four steerying cylinders. 

500 tons Gird bridge

2.7 Over rall of the Gird bridge

More details photos and videos, please visit our "Performance case" of the Gird bridge.