A few words about us

The most professional manufacturer of heavy transporters in the world.

A New Generation of Heavy Transporters

Talents of Supro Trailer

1.Established in 1951 year, and focus on Heavy transporter designing and manufacturing.
2. In 1998 year, made the first set of Multi axles hydraulic system transporter in China. 
3. In 2005 year, improved the design of Nicolas structure HMT to enforce the structure of the HMT, that won 70% domestic market share! 
4. In 2008 year, made the HMT parallel with Goldhofer THP/SL. Also manufacturing the toolings for Goldhofer THP/SL, such as Spacer, Drop deck bed, turntable, Girder bridge etc. 
5. In 2015 year, customized the HMT for France market. Supro Trailer provide high quality standard heavy transporters, and lead China manufacturers. 
6. In 2016 year, made the Shipyard transporter for France market which can bear -40℃ working environment. 
7. In 2017 year, made the HMT for American market, and get the recoginitioin from North American markets! 
8. In 2018 year, provided OEM service for Germany company. Supro Trailer is able to provide good quality transporters that equal to European transporters. 
9. In 2019 year, Supro manufactured Driveless shipyard transporter. Supro technology already on the top of the world transporter domain. 

Vision of Supro Trailer

1. Supro Trailer provides advanced technology of Heavy transporter. 
Supro Trailer improved the design of the Nicolas structure HMT. Supro made 4 steering modes of SPMT. Supro design new structure HMT and made Driverless Shipyard Transporter.
2. Supro Trailer designs the most feasible transporter for our clients. 
Supro make clear of each important factor for the transportation, then designs the most feasible transporters and calculated the accurate cost price. Never has careless attitude. 
3. Supro Trailer provides high quality standard transporters. 
Supro has advanced manufacturing equipments and strict quality control system to guarantee the quality of transporters. The company exported our transporters to European and American markets.
4. Supro Trailer provdes sincere and fast service. 
Supro provide quick and sincere service to solve our clients future worries, and set our clients` heart on free during the whole process. 
5. High cost performance to save our clients` money from European transporter market. 
Much few investment than European transporters, and good quality. Supro Trailer makes your heavy transporter dream be more easily! 

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