Video of 4 Files Goldhofer THP/SL Transformer Transport

Goldhofer THP/SL

Supro Trailer produce hydraulic modular trailer to combine with Goldhofer THP/SL, not only the frame of the hydraulic modular trailer, but also the hydraulic system and air system so that we guarantee the combination is good! 
Supro Trailer use famous brands of the hydraulic parts for our hydraulic modular trailer to guarantee the stability of our transporters. And for the hydraulic gooseneck of the trailer, we make it to be 100% similar with original Goldhofer to help our clients operate the gooseneck easily! 

Transformer Transport 

Generally, we use Girder bridge to transport the transformer. And in some area where has no limitation height of the transport, we can put the transformer on the hydraulic modular trailer directly to do the projectoin. 

4 Files hydraulic modular trailer

Supro Trailer produce steering head and combination accessories for the 4 files hydraulic modular trailer.